Hello minepowers!

As you have probably heard, the owner that I gave minepow to are deciding to change the name of the server and completely kill the playerbase. I let him run the server because I thought he could handle it however I am very wrong. Back when I used to run the server, we would have a stable 80 player base and sometimes reaching over 120 players on our entire network. Now they will be lucky to reach 10 players. The blame is to be put on me and only me, I killed the server by giving someone owner who had no clue what they were doing and still to this day they have no clue how to run servers. That's because he and the other current owners are staff members NOT server operators.

Do not waste your time with this "new server" being ran by Ginga, Rob and Dars, they are going to kill the remaining minepow player base and attempt to get more money out of the long time supporters of Minepow. I warn you.

It's too late to try and bring back Minepow to its peak times, the damage has already been done. You can thank the following people for that,
These guys claim to be server owners when they can't even edit a single config to remove Minepow and replace with their new server name. ahaha.

Thank you to all of the Minepow community and supporters who made this server happen, without you this wouldn't of been a success. It's been a great run for the Minepow Network.

- Owner.