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Christmas event winners!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by ginga123, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. ginga123

    ginga123 Owner, Manager Owner

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    The results of the Christmas event are here! Santa thanks all those who helped him deliver presents to Minepowia over Christmas. He also dropped by the build server where he looked over all of the builds that were created. His elf team decided upon the winners too - here are the results:
    Delivery Contest:
    • 1st place - Mr3soome - 3141 points
    • 2nd place - Thanasis_k - 3036 points
    • 3rd place - Soulsink - 2658 points
    • 4th place - Clay-mil - 1510 points
    • 5th place - Juanton1702 - 1284 points
    Build Contest:
    • 1st place - GoofyGoober
    • 2nd place - Starchy_Potato
    • 3rd place - paulchartres
    • 4th place - xStarrynight7
    • 5th place - thanasis_k

    If you won something from this competition contact an admin via the forums for details on your prize
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  2. Foreen

    Foreen Administrator Administrator

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    Congrats to the winners :D
  3. GoofyGoober

    GoofyGoober Member

    MC account not found. Use /link in-game.
    Congrats to all the winners
  4. thanasis_k

    thanasis_k Member

    MC account not found. Use /link in-game.
    i'm sorry but i kinda seem to have a brainfart and... i can't find the message. where will it actually be sent? is it going to be like... in my inbox or alerts up right? i have no idea... unless it hasn't been sent to me yet. then sorry for the useless reply!!! :/
  5. paulchartres

    paulchartres Member

    MC account not found. Use /link in-game.
    Same don't worry you're not alone
  6. Potato

    Potato Member

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    Congrats to winners aswell..... i'm kinda late though i guess

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