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Chunk loaders claim for crundee

Discussion in 'Compensation Requests' started by KWebsterGaming, May 18, 2017.

  1. KWebsterGaming

    KWebsterGaming Member

    MC account not found. Use /link in-game.
    Username: KWebsterGaming
    Minecraft UUID: 6d95f42c-1c7e-436f-a29a-ab376c91fe69
    Date/time of the event: Crundee Reset 19th may
    Details about the event: Server being fully reset
    Provide us with proof: upload_2017-5-18_15-29-38.png upload_2017-5-18_15-29-59.png
    Which modpack: Crundee
    Last 4 digits of the transaction id: (IMPORTANT)
    Lost items: 2 Chunk loaders 4 bomber keys unused. also items i got from my previous bomber keys. all in all i bought 40 keys
    #idk if this is the right proof i cant find anything else other than a paypal statement

    I previously purchased 2 chunk loaders for the crundee server
  2. Rob

    Rob Owner, Public Relations Owner

    313 Credits
    Haven't been on the server since the reset, bump when you have been online next time.

    Item compensation request accepted.

    Happy playing!

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