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Claim Blocks

Discussion in 'Declined' started by balmung666, May 18, 2017.

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  1. balmung666

    balmung666 Member

    MC account not found. Use /link in-game.
    Minecraft UUID:f4de427b-5a39-4cba-b0fc-b00f275c0f41
    Date/time of the event:7th May 2017 21:33
    Details about the event:I joined the server and bought Overlord, 20000 claim blocks and 50000 money
    Provide us with proof:yes i can
    Which modpack:Crundee
    Last 4 digits of the transaction id: 570C
    Lost items: 20000 claim blocks

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  2. Rob

    Rob Owner, Public Relations Owner

    313 Credits
    Claimblocks didn't reset, compensation request denied.

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