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Comp. Request

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by ShinyBurger, Jul 23, 2017.

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  1. ShinyBurger

    ShinyBurger Member

    MC account not found. Use /link in-game.
    Username: ShinyBurger
    Minecraft UUID: cb9e5fa6-8307-4dad-8d88-c3675667b9ee
    Date/time of the event: map reset
    Details about the event: map reset on crundee
    Provide us with proof: neither of the purchases were made by me as i do quite a lot of deals both of these instances were me giving draconic armor for chunk loaders. i dont have any proof as again, i didnt buy them though they were bought for my account. one person who bought one was RobertPoise if thats important
    Which modpack: crundee
    Last 4 digits of the transaction id: as listed above i dont have the transaction ID as i didn't buy them on my card but rather someone else bought them for me.
    Lost items: 2 chunk loaders
  2. Rob

    Rob Owner, Public Relations Owner

    313 Credits
    Could only find one chunkloader on your name, so I can only refund the one. Thanks for the patience :D

    Happy playing
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