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Compensation Requests

Discussion in 'Compensation Requests' started by Digital, Oct 4, 2016.

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  1. Digital

    Digital Member

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    List of valid compensation reasons:
    • Map reset and you lost your chunk loader
    • Corrupted player data
    • Corrupted chunk that had your items in

    List of invalid compensation reasons:
    • Your base was griefed
    • Someone stole your chunk loader
    Minecraft UUID: (get this at mcuuid.net or somewhere similar)
    Date/time of the event:
    Details about the event:
    Provide us with proof:
    Which modpack:
    Last 4 digits of the transaction id: (IMPORTANT)
    Lost items:
    Please post a new thread with the template in this forum, https://forum.minepow.com/forums/compensation-requests.38/

    Failing to provide any proof (depending on the situation) will lead to a straight deny of compensation. We have the right to deny any compensation request we feel shouldn't be compensated.
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