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Crundee map reset and 30% sale

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Rob, May 17, 2017.

  1. Rob

    Rob Owner, Public Relations Owner

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    Hey Minepowers! I wish I had a happy announcement, and for some people it might be just that. We have, after long discussions in the staff team, decided that the current Crundee map as it stands now is unusable. We have looked for the cause of the frequent crashes, without really becoming any smarter. Every time we apply an fix and it keeps itself running for a full run (4 hours), we think it is fixed, but then it happens again.

    As such, the Crundee map will be reset friday 19th of May. Do not worry however, those of you with a chunkloader. By filling out the form at https://forum.minepow.com/forums/compensation-requests.38/, you will get these refunded. We also will be making some changes to the server that is only doable with a map reset, in the hopes that this will not happen again.

    These last few days have been really tough, both on us as a staff team, but also on you as players. As a thank you for staying with us through our troubles, we'll be doing a 30% sale on the Donator roles during the week-end!

    Happy playing!
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  2. Blackops362

    Blackops362 Member

    Thanks rob! You're a awesome staff member I appreciate you!
  3. YoungRhombus

    YoungRhombus Member

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    Thanks Rob and all the staff for everything! You guys are much appreciated. Keep up the good work!
  4. 2ProBishop

    2ProBishop Member

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    hey there sorry to ask however will this 30% be on chunk loaders or just roles and ranks.
    good luck and thanks for your hard work mine pow team
  5. Smitty_18

    Smitty_18 Member

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    I appreciate all that you do as staff. Without you, there would be no Minepow. A lot of people get mad at all of the resets and crashes, saying you guys do nothing, but when there are hundreds of players and only a dozen staff, I can tell you all care about all of us and work your hardest to make Minepow work as it does.
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