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December Top Voters

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Digital, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Digital

    Digital Member

    306 Credits

    Sorry for the late top voters. Thanks to everyone who voted this month and here are the top voters,
    • dougie61212 ($50 Store Coupon)
    • silverbk (Rank upgrade or $25 store coupon)
    • thanasis_k (5,000 Claim Blocks)
    Votes have been reset and you can maybe win next month! You can check the leaderboards for votes here, http://minepow.com/leaderboards/votes/1

    Hope to see you ingame!
    - Minepow Staff Team
  2. paulchartres

    paulchartres Member

    MC account not found. Use /link in-game.
    Still no christmas results ? :(
  3. thanasis_k

    thanasis_k Member

    MC account not found. Use /link in-game.
    YES DUDE... that's what i was thinking
  4. tkareka

    tkareka Member

    This is why.
    Shark- "Digital is MIA atm, and he's the only one who can make the coupons for the winners, so as long as he doesn't reappear the coupons can't be handed out"

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