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Joey's Issue

Discussion in 'Declined' started by XxxXJoeyXxxX, Jun 7, 2017.

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  1. XxxXJoeyXxxX

    XxxXJoeyXxxX Member

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    What is your in game name:
    What launcher are you using:
    Its on any Launcher
    What is the issue you are having:
    I don't have my rank
    What error message are you receiving:

    What server are you experiencing the issue:
    What is the server version you are using:
    What IP are you using to connect to the server:
    What is the Java version you are using:
    What are the coordinates the issue occurred:
    Don't got a coordinates
    What were you doing when the issue happened:
    Logging in
    If there is a crash report please use pastebin.com and copy the url and paste it here:
    Provide any necessary screenshots:
  2. Foreen

    Foreen Administrator Administrator

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    This is not the place for this post. You need to go to the Compensation section for this. I will move this there this time, but in future please use the proper location.
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