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Minepow updates

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Rob, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Rob

    Rob Owner, Public Relations Owner

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    We have applied updates and upgrades on the network. Most of the changes are backend, or utility tools for staff, but there are also some goodies for the regular players:

    Global messages! You can now chat with your friends on a different Minepow server? How cool is that? :eek: And it doesn't stop there, if rumours are to be believed, there are global clans coming sometime soon!

    /staff now shows staff across the entire network, not only your server. This is a minor change as the tab always have shown staff globally, but with the removal of the clunky and confusing /amsg and addition of global msg, we think this is a feature that will be appreciated. ;)

    Credits can now be gifted! Say whaaaat? You heard me, using the command
    /cr give <name> <amount>
    you now can share credits with your friends, thus finally be able to afford that sweet looking thing on the wall in the creditshop. :cool:

    Happy playing!
    - The Minepow Staff Team
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  2. tkareka

    tkareka Member

    Minepow keeps changing. First discord, and now this? Luckily, I like it :p
  3. LemonPool

    LemonPool Member

    MC account not found. Use /link in-game.
    I had a chunk loader before the update and all our stuff got reset, is there a way that I can get it back
  4. tkareka

    tkareka Member


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